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  • Are your products suitable for vegetarians?
    Yes. All our products are made using vegetable oils only and none of them have been tested on animals. The Honey and Oatmeal soap is (of course!) made with honey, and the ‘Constant Companion’ balm (is made with bee’s wax), but apart from those, our other products are all vegan friendly.
  • Do you use palm oil in your products?
    All our products are all palm oil free. Although there are many reputable palm oil producers, we have decided not to include any in our products.
  • How can I make my soap last longer?
    The more time your soap spends completely dry, the longer it will last. If possible, keep your bar in a soap dish with drainage, so your soap is not sitting in water. Also, cooler water will help your soap to last longer – the hotter the water, the more quickly your bar will dissolve.
  • Do you offer bespoke gifting options?
    Yes, we would be very happy to discuss your specific requirements with you. We can put together anything from bespoke gift boxes to small single gifts for functions. We can also provide combined gift boxes for you and your Constant Companion. Please email us for more information.
  • There is white powder on the top of my soaps, what is this?
    This is common when soaps are made by hand using the traditional cold press method. It is a reaction that happens when the lye mixes with the air. It is completely safe and will wash away during the first use or two.
  • Will the colour and scents of my soaps fade?
    We describe our products as ‘perfectly imperfect’ because they are each handmade using only natural ingredients. Natural colours and scents fade over time, but we feel this fading is nature changing and love the look of our products throughout their life cycle. The colour of our products can depend on many things such as when/where the raw materials were harvested, the time of year they were made, the temperature they have been kept at, their exposure to sunlight etc. Once made, we keep our products away from direct sunlight and at an ambient temperature and suggest where possible you do the same, this will help to slow down the fading process.
  • Do you sell your soaps wholesale?
    Yes definitely, please contact us via our contact page for wholesale requests.
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