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The skin is the body’s largest organ and plays a big role in keeping us healthy.  We therefore need to look after it, keep it clean and free from harmful toxins.


Our handmade soaps do not contain any nasties, they are made using only natural ingredients and are gentle on our skin. By using natural ingredients, we are also helping to look after our planet. The ingredients in our handmade soaps are biodegradable, so when the soap gets washed away, it causes no harmful effects to our waterways.  

Our soaps are;

Made using 100% natural ingredients

Just because something is natural, it does not necessarily mean it is good for you.  We use 100% natural ingredients because we feel your skin as well as the planet benefits from this and have chosen those natural ingredients that have a proven track record of being beneficial for the skin. 

Not tested on animals

We love our animals!  We never test our products on animals and have had our formulations approved by qualified chemists who can scientifically prove that they are safe for use. We always test them and use them on ourselves first! 


Palm oil free

We do not use palm oil in any of our products. We have made the decision not to include it in any of our products until we have more confidence in the sustainability issues surrounding this resource.


100% biodegradable

Our packaging is made from recycled post-consumer waste, reducing the amount of virgin resources used and keeping the amount of new materials used to the minimum.  Our gift boxes and bags are of good quality and we hope you will re-use them again and again.

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